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Brain Injury

The Best Advocacy When You’ve Suffered An Injury To Your Head

Brain injuries may be some of the most difficult injuries to recognize and treat, because there may be little or no visible external damage. Many people who have been in accidents find that symptoms develop over time and are more commonly noticed by friends and family than by the injured person. These cases require an experienced Thousand Oaks brain injury lawyer who knows how to assess the extent of the harm done and how it will affect the rest of a person’s life, and calculate damages accordingly.

At Vititoe Law Group, in Southern California, we have helped many people suffering from brain injuries obtain maximum compensation for the harm done to them. We understand how devastating these injuries can be to you and to your family. We will assemble a team tailored to your situation, which may include partnering with other law firms to give you the best possible representation.

There are many types of brain injuries, but the most common are concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These injuries can wreak havoc on a person’s health and well-being both initially and long term.

Common Causes Of Brain Injuries

Common causes of brain injuries include:

  • Car accidents: Motor vehicle accidents cause widespread trauma to victims. Head injuries are especially common after a collision.
  • Sports injuries: Football, hockey and other contact sports are under increasing scrutiny for the high number of concussions suffered by athletes.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents: Those who have never suffered a slip-and-fall injury often underestimate how serious these accidents can be.
  • Violence: Head injuries are often the result of assaults and other violent crimes.

Brain injuries can result in a wide range of symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, mood swings, confusion, memory problems, poor concentration, hearing or vision loss, body numbness or even paralysis.

We Want To See Justice Served On Your Behalf

We truly care about what happens to you. Our attorneys will work diligently, consulting with accident reconstruction experts to prove fault by the negligent party. We will work with your doctors and other medical professionals to show how your life has been negatively impacted. Our main goal is for you to have the best quality of life going forward.

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