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Personal Injury Lawyers

Fighting Aggressively For Over 30 Years For The Victims of Negligence

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident as a result of the negligence of another party and has experienced bodily harm, you probably have a lot of questions.

Are you able to file a personal injury lawsuit? Do you have a strong case? How much is the case worth? How long will the process take?

With over 30 years of experience representing injury victims, Jim Vititoe and the Vititoe Law Group team are ready to address any questions or concerns you may have about the personal injury process.

We know that the period of time following an accident can be extremely challenging and that navigating the legal process to obtain compensation can be frustrating without the right legal guidance. We are here to help.

Experienced Injury Attorneys That Deliver Results

When it comes to choosing a personal injury lawyer to represent you after a serious accident, there is nothing important than choosing an experienced lawyer who is reputable and has a winning track record. Your future could depend on it.

The lawyers at the Vititoe Law Group are not only experienced, but have a proven track record of delivering for our clients. Jim Vititoe and his team have been involved in cases resulting in settlements of over $1 Billion Dollars.

Our injury lawyers and our team of experts have the skills and understanding of the legal system necessary to carefully examine each aspect of potential negligence in a personal injury case to determine liability, and to make sure that the appropriate potential defendants are being held responsible.

Our lawyers will do everything in their power to achieve justice on your behalf when you have been injured or made ill through negligence. Our goal is always to obtain full and fair compensation for each and every one of our clients.

It is our passion.

Types Of Personal Injury Accidents We Handle:

Jim Vititoe and the Vititoe Law Group team have a vast amount of experience representing clients across a broad spectrum of injury cases.

Some of the types of injury cases our attorneys handle include:

We Care About Our Injured Clients And Their Future

We understand how difficult it can be to face circumstances beyond your control, and we care about your future. That is what our legal team is here for — to do everything we can to restore our clients’ quality of life to what it was prior to their accident. We are dedicated to the truth and our goal is to do everything we can to help you have the best quality of life possible moving forward. This is our promise to you.

Our team knows what it’s like to face large insurance companies and major corporations. We understand what you are up against, and we believe in the fight you are fighting. We care about what has happened to you and want to see justice served on your behalf.

We will aggressively pursue all avenues of compensation and restitution on your behalf and handle all negotiations with insurance companies for you so that you can concentrate on the hardest job of all, getting better.

Speak With An Experienced Injury Lawyer Today

Call us at 818-991-8900 or contact us online to set up a time to talk with our team about your injuries. If you’ve been injured in an accident, it is very important that you speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

The insurance companies are not on your side and time is of the essence. Choosing the right lawyers during this critical time in your life to consult with you on the best course of action moving forward is of the utmost importance.

There is no substitute for experience.

Our Legal Team Will Make It As Easy As Possible For You

Call the Vititoe Law Group today for a free consultation on your injury or accident. If you are unable to come to our office in Westlake Village because of your injuries, we will come to you, if you are in California. If you are elsewhere in the country, we can work with you by phone, fax, email and other methods of communication. You don’t pay a fee unless we obtain compensation for you.

We accept cases of all sizes. Every case that we accept, we do so because we truly care about what happens to the person who was injured.

We are passionate about providing the highest levels of customer service, and we guide our clients through the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit and be by your side every step of the way. We believe in full disclosure and will ensure that you are aware of your options every step of the way.

What You Should Know About Personal Injury Cases

What you don’t know can hurt you and that’s simply a fact of life. Personal injuries can occur any number of ways, including, but not limited to, pedestrian, car, truck, or bus accidents. We understand your injuries can be very difficult to deal with–emotionally, mentally, physically, and even monetarily. It’s not uncommon for people suffering personal injuries to have their lives turned upside down.

You might be suffering from significant pain, not be able to work or limited in your daily capacities. Loss of earnings, increasing medical treatment costs and more can take a serious toll on you.

We have the experience and the determination to help you through the difficulties you may face.

More Than 30 Years of Experience Fighting For the Victims of Negligence

Contact Us For A Free Confidential Consultation

Call us at 818-991-8900 or fill out the form below to set up a time to talk with our legal team about your case. If you are unable to come to our office in Westlake Village because of your injuries, we can come to you.

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