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Past Results: A History of Success

James Vititoe and the Vititoe Law Group continue to be an industry leader in helping others litigate serious personal injury claims. Our Westlake Village Personal Injury Lawyers treat each client like they are our only client.Each case accepted by the Vititoe Law Group is important to us.With our expertise and experience we can help a wide range of clients, everything from car accidents to the more complicated liability and medical damages cases. Below are just a few of the personal injury, brain injury and environmental settlements that Vititoe and personal injury law firms have been involved in:

Successful Personal Injury Cases of James Vititoe

  • CONFIDENTIAL EIGHT FIGURE SETTLEMENT: TRIED/SETTLED – A tourist at an amusement park was thrown from a tram on the way back to her car after a day at the park. Client sustains a severe traumatic brain injury, but liability is very heavily disputed. Case goes to trial in 2009 and after three weeks of trial and closing argument case finally settles.
  • $10 Million [First Phase]: SETTLED – On January 30, 2009, a tour bus with 17 Chinese tourists going from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon crashed just outside of Hoover Dam. A tour guide and six passengers were killed in the crash. Policy Limits $10 million were received from two different defendants. {SECOND PHASE} Multiple Eight Figures Confidential Settlement – Jim along with his legal partners represented the victims of this horrific bus accident wherein the legal team filed a complex product liability lawsuit against the manufactures of the bus.
  • $7 Million: TRIED/SETTLED – Client was a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk in downtown LA where a passenger bus lost control due to driving too fast for the wet conditions, setting off a series of events which ultimately ended with a light pole striking the head of our client. Case was tried and verdict was rendered for over $7 million. To expedite funds to the client a settlement was reached for $7 million.
  • $5,800,000: SETTLED – Product liability case for the wrongful death of a two year old. Case settled at mediation after plaintiff attorneys were successful in have the CPSC order a nationwide recall of a youth bed with a toy chest.
  • $5,300,000: SETTLED – Client was a construction worker that was stuck in the back of the head by a chunk of concrete thrown from a higher floor. Case settled a week prior to trial.
  • $5 Million: SETTLED – Policy limits tendered; Vititoe and his partners represented more than 20 individuals, many suffering brain injuries as a result of a bus accident/ Vititoe was able to reach this settlement without the need for litigation allowing clients to retain the maximum amount of the funds.
  • $4,850,000: SETTLED – Product liability case. Client was injured in his course and scope of his employment in April 2004. Client was a plumber and was inflating a long test plug. The plug burst, and popped out of the pipe, and hit the client in the face. In 2012, client received an additional $2 million workers’ compensation settlement.
  • $4,250,000: SETTLED – Auto accident.
  • $3,400,000: SETTLED – Tour bus rollover in Arizona.
  • $3,400,000: SETTLED – Tour bus rollover in California.
  • $2,900,000: SETTLED – In August 2005, our client was in for service on her car when an employee of the dealership in clients car slammed on the accelerator, spinning wheels out of control striking client.
  • $1,900,000: SETTLED – Client was in course and scope of employment when she was struck from behind while waiting for a rent-a-car.
  • $1,950,000: SETTLED – Client was involved in an auto accident and sustained a head injury.
  • $1,375,000: SETTLED – Client fell into an unmarked hole in a sidewalk.
  • $1,292,000: TRIED – Client hit in a crosswalk by a garbage truck.
  • Baxter – Kidney Dialysis Filters: A worldwide recall occurred. Jim Vititoe and his partner assisted victims from Croatia and Spain. Confidential settlements occurred;

Past Environmental Cases of James Vititoe

  • PG&E – Hinkley: Case settled for $333 million in 1996. This case was the basis of the Academy Award nominated movie, Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts took home her first Oscar for her portrayal of Erin Brockovich.
  • PG&E – Kettleman City: This case settled in 2006 for $295 million;
  • Betz Laboratories: Various Locations: Settlement of $75 million was reached;
  • Unocal – Avila Beach: Represented 85 plaintiffs in personal injury and property damage case against Unocal for pollution of Avila Beach , California . Case settled confidentially;
  • Aerojet – Sacramento: In 2006, a jury ruled against the rocket manufacturer Aerojet and gave plaintiffs a multi-million dollar award. Thereafter, a successful and confidential settlement was reached;
  • Dole / Del Monte – Hawaii: During trial in 2004, a successful and confidential settlement was reached;
  • Unocal – Crockett: The refinery settled the lawsuit by paying $80 million;
  • Remco – Willits: In 2006, a successful and confidential settlement was reached;
  • Prop 65 – Various Oil Companies: Oil companies agreed to repair leaks from both their above ground and underground storage tanks and improve their leak-detection systems. The settlements involved gas stations and refineries in virtually every county in California and benefited the health and well being of the people of the State of California;
  • MTBE – Various Oil Companies: As a result of this lawsuit, the oil companies have eased using MTBE in gasoline sold in California and have concentrated on finding safer alternatives.

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