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At Vititoe Law Group, our Westlake Village personal injury attorneys have helped thousands of clients with their cases. Everything from car accidents cases to medical malpractice cases. We are so thankful for each of our clients trusting us to fight for the justice they deserve.

To see what our past clients have to say about working with Vititoe Law Group, read their own words below. If you are ready for your free consultation and want to have the same great experience these clients have received, contact us today.

Jielan L.

We are so pleased with the results from the Vititoe Law group. My husband was hit by a car while riding his bicycle last year. Just their work alone in negotiating his medical bills down more than paid for the attorney fees from our settlement. Just dealing with the at-home aftermath of multiple surgeries, doctors visits and hospital stays put enough on our plate. I’m glad we put our trust in the right place when it came to handling everything else. Vititoe went above and beyond and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

Paul B.

Jim Vititoe is one of the smartest, most impressive and most dynamic lawyers in the United States who represents injured persons. He is a national leader, widely respected by his peers, who has achieved remarkable results for a large number of clients in a wide variety of cases. He’s a real hero for people who would otherwise never get justice.

Cassandra G.

Vititoe Law Group provided me with exceptional representation during an extremely trying personal injury case. They were highly skilled in finding beneficial solutions that other firms I had previously entrusted were not capable of. They recommended talented surgeons, were supportive and communicative throughout litigation, and attended to financial matters with positive results. I would highly recommend Vititoe Law Group to anyone seeking assistance with a personal injury matter.

Bus Accident and Truck Accident Lawyer Testimonials

Jim Vititoe is one of the smartest, most impressive and most dynamic lawyers in the United States who represents injured persons. He is a national leader, widely respected by his peers, who has achieved remarkable results for a large number of clients in a wide variety of cases. He’s a real hero for people who would otherwise never get justice.

Charles M

The Vititoe Law Group brings to the practice of law a clear vision of outstanding client representation. Jim Vititoe’s firm has made it their mission to deliver on this vision. Jim recognizes the threat that exists to the rights of the seriously injured in California and throughout the United States.

Gary I

Mr. Vititoe and his staff are beyond a 5 star firm. There are professionals and then there is the Vititoe Law Group, who take extreme pride in their work. They go beyond what you would expect in a law firm. Additionally, they are so experienced that they know to check for things you would not normally think about these possibilities. They are always polite and they are busy at times which only points out hard they are working.
I have been working with them for over 20 years, I could not imagine ever working with anyone else.
CJ, Chris, Justine and Jim are a great team! Thank you for allowing me to get the help I needed knowing that I had the best possible team behind me.

Car Accident Lawyer Testimonials

Ryan F

The Vititoe Law Group helped me when I needed it the most. After being hit by a car and sent thousands of dollars worth of medical bills I didn’t know what to do. Justin, and the people at the Vititoe Law Group took care of everything. They helped me navigate a world I didn’t understand and fought for me while I was recovering. I’m now free to move on with my life.

Ms. C

Exceptional Care, Service & Experience. I was in an auto accident where I was hit by a drunk driver. My case took over 3 years to settle, although I was given the opportunity to settle sooner. Case length was not because my attorneys weren’t on top of it. They wanted to make sure I was physically rehabilitated and I wanted to make sure they had the time to negotiate the best outcome. In the end, I found having time on my side created the best outcome since I believe they delivered maximum results!

Heather B

Vititoe Law Group represented me for an automobile accident. My total medical costs exceeded my policy limit by five times. They promised to shrink that number to fit within my policy limit and they delivered. It was unbelievable!!!! Everyone was extremely professional and caring. The best thing I ever did was seek their representation. Their expertise kept me and my family from suffering financially. Moving forward, I have comfort knowing that if I need future presentation for anything in my life, they will be there and see it through to the end. My sincere thanks to each of you at Vititoe Law Group!

Monica H

Fantastic Firm! I had the pleasure of having Vititoe Law Group represent me in a severe auto accident. I was impressed with the way the firmed handled my case. They managed the insurance companies and helped facilitate Drs’ appointments. Their transparency helped ease my stress and worries; anytime I had a question- they were available to answer. There is nothing ‘happy’ about a car accident- but I can honestly say, working with the Vititoe Law Group made the entire ordeal simple, painless, and uncomplicated- this coming from someone who had neck surgery!
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Vititoe Law Group to anyone who needs trust worthy legal representation.

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At Vititoe Law Group, our Westlake Village Personal Injury Attorneys, have been up against some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in the country. Fighting on behalf of victims of negligence. We firmly believe that everyone deserves quality advocacy and excellent legal representation. To ensure that our clients receive this, we frequently partner with other law firms to customize a team to our clients’ needs and situation.

James W. Vititoe has more than 30 years of experience in handling personal injury and environmental law issues. We are one of the most successful and prestigious law firms in California, due to Jim Vititoe having been made famous in the movie Erin Brockovich for his work on the case against Pacific Gas and Electric, along with Erin Brockovich, and successfully resolved in 1996. That is the kind of dedication we have to our clients. We’ll dedicate ourselves to your cause too.

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