What To Do If You Get Into a Car Accident

As the fall weather turns to winter, an increased level of rainfall is expected to happen. With that rain comes more traffic accidents, as rain is especially dangerous in dry weather states like California.

Rain makes the roads slippery, rain tends to decrease drivers visibility and many people in dry weather states who aren’t used to driving in rainy weather tend to drive either excessively cautiously or recklessly, both of which are dangerous and can unfortunately cause auto accidents.

While we hope that you first and foremost drive more carefully, accidents will occur. Below are a few things we hope you remember if you or someone you know happens to be the victim of a car accident.

Just remember the acronym S.P.I.D.E.R.

S – Safety – First and foremost make sure that everyone in your car is safe. Try to get the car away from traffic, if possible, off an exit ramp or onto the shoulder. Having a $20 Emergency kit in the car is a good idea. You never know when it will come in handy.

– Pictures – With the increased use of Smart Phones, most everyone has instant access to a camera. Use it. If you get into a car accident do what you can to safely take pictures of the damage to the cars involved. Both close up and far away pictures will help with measurement purposes. If possible, take a picture of the other driver’s license. Document everything you possibly can.

I – Information – Along with pictures make sure to get license plate, insurance, and phone numbers from all parties involved in the accident. Information is power.


D – Document – Make sure to take down details of when and where theaccident occurred and any unusual road conditions including the number of passengers in the other cars involved, as well as names, phone numbers and addresses of any possible witnesses. If emergency services respond document the police department, report number, officer name and badge number, as well as the name and information of the ambulance company or fire department if applicable. Document everything you can.

E – Exam – If you or anyone in your car sustain any injuries from the accident, consider getting checked by a doctor. Make sure to keep the records.

R – Representation – Consider getting legal help to assist you in dealing with insurance companies and bills that are a result of the accident.

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