How Common are Charter Bus Safety Issues?

Everyday, in every major city in the country, charter buses, or tour buses, transport countless tourists, gamblers, sports teams and commuters, on round trips or one way, between cities, to venues or tourist sites. As recently as Monday Dec. 3, a third grader was killed and at least 45 were injured when a Tennessee charter bus carrying youth football players rolled off an interstate and overturned in the early morning just before sunrise in central Arkansas. Scott Shuttle, the charter bus company had a history of federal bus safety violations and was once fined $3,250 for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate one of its vehicles. [...]

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Only Seven States Require Seat Belts on School Buses – Why?

A recent horrific crash involving a school bus and a dump truck occurred on Thursday May, 17 on I-80 in New Jersey, taking the life of one young student and one adult and sending dozens to three area hospitals. The impact was so severe that the passenger section of the bus was completely separated from the chassis and rolled over after striking the guardrail. The front of the bus, as well as the trucks cab, was completely destroyed. The cause of the crash was still under investigation at the time of this article The outcome of this crash would have been a lot worse however, if [...]

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When You Need a California Bus Accident Attorney

The past two decades have shown a 35 percent increase in bus ridership nationwide. The reasons for the increase include the improvements made to bus and other transit systems, especially in metropolitan areas; the affordability and ease compared to driving; and the increase in environmental awareness by reducing carbon emissions. With the increase in people riding buses, on California roads and highways, as well as students riding on school buses, the number of bus accidents and injuries has increased proportionately. In California, commercial bus companies are considered common carriers, or buses carrying for “reward” and can be divided into three categories-commuter buses, long distance transportation buses [...]

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Choosing A Safe Bus Company Amid Tour Bus Crash Reports

A number of serious crashes in recent years have spurred close scrutiny of the tour bus industry creating a negative impact Charter bus companies and their drivers have been held liable in horrific tour bus crashes that have injured and killed passengers as recently as last year. On August 2, 2017 prosecutors in Merced County, California, filed four felony counts of vehicular manslaughter charges, along with five misdemeanor code violations, against driver Mario Davis Velasquez. Velasquez was the operator of a tour bus that crashed on Aug. 20 on Highway 99 near Livingston. The bus struck a highway signpost, splitting the bus down the middle. The [...]

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Distracted Driving Among School Bus Drivers

School Bus Drivers Risk More Distractions Than All Other Drivers School bus drivers are trusted with the important responsibility of safely transporting students to and from school, as well as school related events such as interscholastic sports. One of the worst tragedies that can occur for students, their families and friends as well as the school, is a transportation accident. Along with the human cost are staggering financial costs as well. Bus accidents account for 16 percent of the total number of public school claims, resulting in excess of $7 million in losses, according to a United Education (UE) study. School bus accidents are often the [...]

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Sleep Apnea and Inadequate Traffic Plan Blamed for Deadly Casino Bus Crash

An investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, of the Oct.23 2016 crash of a 47-passenger 1996 MCI motor coach operated by USA Holiday, determined that the casino bus slammed into the rear of a stopped tractor-trailer at 75 MPH. The tour bus driver was killed in the bus crash along with 12 passengers who were on a return trip from the Red Earth Casino in Thermal California. The NTSB also found that the fatal bus crash was likely the result of the truck driver’s undiagnosed sleep apnea coupled with an inadequate traffic management plan by the state to control traffic in a work zone. According [...]

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Why Are Charter Bus Crashes So Common in the News Lately?

In August of 2016, five people were killed and many were injured when a charter bus crashed on route 99 near the town of Livingston, CA. in the Mojave Desert. The bus struck a sign support pole at 3:35 AM, which tore the bus down the middle. The bus, owned and operated by Autobuses Coordinados USA Inc., began its route in Mexico and had stopped in Los Angeles prior to the crash. The bus involved in the crash had been cited for at least seven violations in two years, including allowing a driver behind the wheel with a suspended license. Unfortunately stories about tragedies like this [...]

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Should Seat Belts be Required on Buses?

Should seat belts be required on buses? The answer is, “Yes” because it increases passenger safety, but there are some prohibitive reasons as to why they aren’t installed on buses, not even school buses filled with youngsters. Statistically, school buses are approximately 40 times safer than regular passenger vehicles, like private cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Buses have advantages over other vehicles sharing the road such as riding high, having much heavier weight, and heavily padded seats. But, bus accidents aren’t exactly rare and these do result in several injuries and fatalities annually. It is now mandatory in all states to wear seatbelts while in a [...]

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Why Are So Few Buses Equipped with Seatbelts?

After the news spread across national media regarding 13 fatalities in the Hot Springs California Bus Crash, the question of seatbelts on buses, or lack of them, became a trending topic. It is apparent to investigators, if the 43 occupants of the bus were wearing seatbelts, the number of injuries and deaths would be considerably lower. The type of injuries to passengers were blunt or jagged force trauma, consistent to airborne bodies. Even if the passengers of the bus elected to wear seatbelts, none were available. The question that has been raised many times following horrific bus crashes is – why are there are no seatbelts [...]

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What Are the Five Major Causes of Bus Crashes?

A bus crash in Palm Springs California took the lives of 13 people including the bus driver and injured 31 others, many seriously. The casino bus, which was traveling along Interstate 10, rammed the rear of a tractor trailer without any sign of slowing down. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the crash. If this story seems much like others that have been reported recently, it is. Bus accidents are unfortunately becoming increasingly common.  In fact, there have been scores of bus crashes nationwide this year, causing numerous fatalities and injuries, several of which occurred in California. In 2013, the last year [...]

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