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Do I Have a Case for California Premise Liability?

If you were injured on the property of another, you may be considering filing a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. In California, it is your right to recover damages from a negligent property owner, provided you could satisfy the requirements of California law. If you are invited onto the property (invitee), a property owner has a duty of care to you. However a court may consider if you contributed to your own injury by being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for instance. If you were intoxicated and fell, a court may rule that your condition was the main contributing factor to your injuries, [...]

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California Tanker Truck Crashes – Hazards on Our Highways

Over the past two years, serious California tanker trucks have claimed several lives and injured dozens in California. One such crash occurred in May of last year, on a Highway 99 off ramp in Atwater, causing an enormous gasoline explosion and forcing hundreds to evacuate. Sadly, the driver of the tanker truck perished in the crash. With an improved economy, the number of tanker trucks on the road, delivering materials as hazardous as hydrochloric acid or as mundane as molasses, has increased significantly, putting the safety of other drivers at greater risk of harm. Despite the relatively high number of California tanker truck crashes over the [...]

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FMCSA: Medical Examiner Certificates Revoked After 2000 Drivers Cleared Improperly

According to the agency, affected truck drivers have 30 days to be medically re-certified An estimated 2000+ commercial truck drivers are operating big rigs on the nations highways without proper medical certification. This is due to the failure of an Alabama chiropractor to properly perform tests prior to certification over the past two years. On March 22. 2018 the federal government said it would revoke the medical certificates of Dr. Kenneth G. Edwards, who had been certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to perform medical exams. Dr. Edwards was charged in late February by a federal grand jury with conspiracy, wire fraud, conspiracy [...]

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Distracted Driving Among School Bus Drivers

School Bus Drivers Risk More Distractions Than All Other Drivers School bus drivers are trusted with the important responsibility of safely transporting students to and from school, as well as school related events such as interscholastic sports. One of the worst tragedies that can occur for students, their families and friends as well as the school, is a transportation accident. Along with the human cost are staggering financial costs as well. Bus accidents account for 16 percent of the total number of public school claims, resulting in excess of $7 million in losses, according to a United Education (UE) study. School bus accidents are often the [...]

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Spinal Cord Injury – Diagnosis and Treatment

The spinal cord is a bundle of nervous tissue and support cells that extends from the brain to the lumbar region of the spinal column. There are 31 pairs of nerves that extend from the spinal cord and lead to the arms, legs, chest and abdomen. Signals from the brain use these nerves to command muscles and cause movements of the arms and legs. The nerves from the upper portion of the spinal cord control the arms while those from the lower portion control the legs. The nerves also control heart rate, breathing rate, bowel and bladder function. Other nerves travel back through the arms and [...]

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Liability in an Overloaded Truck Accident

Be it out of indifference or ignorance, trucking companies may push beyond the legal limits when loading their trucks, creating the possibility for catastrophe on the highway. The risk to motorists from overloaded trucks exists at anytime and anyplace in the U.S. Overloading a truck increases its stopping distance, adversely effects maneuverability and stability. An overloaded truck can also fail structurally leading to disastrous consequences. […]

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The Aftermath for Southern California Wildfire Victims

The Thomas wildfire, which broke out on Dec. 4, consumed over over 281,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara, destroyed an estimated 1,063 structures and took the life of one fire fighter and a civilian. 200,000 residents were forced to evacuate. Tragically, after evacuees returned to their homes, rains deluged the area causing mud and rockslides in the fire-ravaged hills which destroyed more homes, carrying away vehicles, and literally closing the 101 freeway. At the time of this article, at least 20 people were killed while several others are still missing. The loss of trees and other vegetation from the fire left nothing to prevent the [...]

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California Wildfire Investigations Spark New Utility Regulations

In the years preceding 1995, the entire country averaged only one “mega-fire” per year. The U.S. Fire Service that reported the information applies the term to fires that consume over 100,000 acres. California wildfires alone have met that that annual average over the past ten years. As a whole, the United States is now averaging ten times the pre-1995 amount; a statistic predicted by researchers to double by the middle of this century. Lightning was once the most common cause of wildfires but with more people on the landscape today, most of the fires are started by humans or their equipment. The search for causes of [...]

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UCLA Study: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Revealed by Biomarkers

Concussions, which are actually mild traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s), often go undiagnosed and can lead to lasting neurological impairment, especially if the injuries recur. Researchers at UCLA have identified biomarkers that could aid doctors in the diagnosis of traumatic brain injuries with only a simple blood test. Brain cells called astrocytes, release proteins as biomarkers into the bloodstream when the astrocytes outer membranes rupture from impact or shaking. Doctors currently rely on CT scans or a scoring system to describe the level of a patient’s consciousness after suffering a blow to the head. However, neither method has shown to accurately predict recovery or disability while milder [...]

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Study Shows Promise in Reducing Newborn Brain Injury

Researchers at Children’s National Health Center and Drexel University College conducted the first study of a promising treatment to reduce or prevent hypoxia-ischemia, a serious complication of oxygen deprivation resulting in brain injury to newborns. Newborn brain injury resulting from the impaired flow of oxygen can result in adverse effects that can be life altering and range from mild to severe. The affects may be minor, such as learning disabilities, to cataclysmic, including the inability to speak, walk, talk, see or even breathe. The complications can occur from a variety of issues during, before or immediately after birth. Maternal or placental problems such as cord prolapse [...]

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