Vititoe Law Group and Erin Brockovich Investigating Moorpark Cancer Cluster

Consumer advocates Vititoe Law Group along with Erin Brockovich are investigating the continuing concerns around the potential cancer cluster in Moorpark, California.

Numerous reported cases of brain cancer have surfaced within close proximity of each other which have families and those who live in the Moorpark community concerned. Recently CBS News reported that Julie Miller, a Moorpark resident whose son has a brain tumor has begun collecting information of others in the area who have any information regarding the matter.

“I just collected names, numbers and addresses and they kind of were in the same proximity, even though Moorpark’s a small town,” Miller said in the CBS report. It was reported that Miller now knows of 7 other incidents of malignant brain tumors in Moorpark and to date it has been reported that 11 different teens have been identified that have died or are suffering from the same condition.

This potential cluster has residents of Moorpark very concerned, and people have begun to contact consumer advocate Erin Brockovich, a local resident. Erin’s story of helping the residents of Hinkley, California became famous in the Academy Award winning motion picture “Erin Brockovich”. Attorney James Vititoe was part of the legal team for the plaintiff’s in the environmental lawsuit that settled for a record $333,000,000.

If you or a loved one has any information about the cancer cluster in Moorpark, please contact The Vititoe Law Group. We are investigating the matter and are doing everything we can to help.

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