California truck accident results in injuries to 3 workers

An accident at a California highway construction site resulted in injuries to three workers.  According to a California Highway Patrol officer, a big-rig truck struck a 20-foot long board that apparently had swung out into traffic.  This resulted in a head injury to one of the construction workers and other injuries to two others. The truck accident occurred at 10:59 a.m. on April 23.  Little else is yet known concerning how the accident occurred or how severe the injuries were. […]

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Is speakerphone really safer?

At this point it is common knowledge that distracted driving caused by cellphone use is very dangerous. However, most people think of distracted driving as involving texting behind the wheel or being clearly distracted with one hand off the wheel holding the phone to one’s ear. This is not necessarily the only way that using a phone can be dangerous in the car. In fact, many studies have shown that using hands-free devices like headsets, speakerphone, or Bluetooth audio systems are also very distracting for drivers. A recent poll found that 70 percent of drivers who use hands-free devices say that they use these devices in [...]

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Cause of fatal California bus crash still unknown

Investigators are still reviewing evidence from a California bus crash that caused ten fatalities last week. The crash occurred when a package delivery truck cross the median and collided with a car and then a bus carrying high school students. At least one person who witnessed the accident said that when the delivery truck crossed the median it was on fire. However, investigators say that their preliminary findings indicate that the truck was not on fire at the time it first came in contact with the sedan on the road. There is still a lot of missing information about this multi-vehicle accident, so it is too [...]

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Jury award reflects serious negligence by doctor

A jury award in a medical malpractice case was recently set at $2.88 million, reflecting the serious malpractice on the part of a doctor and his clinic while treating a patient for back pain. The case involves a man who was seeking pain management for back pain and was prescribed the very common treatment of a steroid injection. Although this treatment is routine, any procedure involving an injection must be done carefully to avoid infections. One of the key safety measures needed to protect patients receiving an injection is to make sure the skin is properly sterilized, so no outside bacteria will work its way into [...]

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Multiple causes led to fatal plane crash

Both the pilot and the aircraft are to blame for the fatal jetliner crash that took place in California last summer, according to recent reports. The airline operating the jet at the time of the crash released a statement saying that their pilots did have an opportunity to abort the dangerously slow approach to the runway that caused the plane to crash into the seawall, but that equipment on board the plane should have intervened or functioned differently to prevent the situation in the first place. A spokesperson from the airline said that while the pilots were certainly in a position of control and could have [...]

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