Driver blows red light and kills motorcyclist in Oxnard

A 51-year-old motorcyclist was killed in an accident that occurred on April 18 in Oxnard. The motorcyclist was traveling in a westerly direction on Esplanade Drive when he was then struck by a Toyota Camry. The motorcycle accident occurred at approximately 11:12 p.m. and witnesses claim the Toyota failed to stop for a red light.

The motorcyclist 19-year-old daughter was also on the motorcycle at the time the accident occurred. She was taken to the hospital and reportedly suffering from serious injuries. The driver of the Camry was reported to be uninjured. Investigation was said to be ongoing and there was no information released as to whether alcohol or drugs played a factor in the accident. 

Personal injury attorneys can represent injured motorcyclists and put together the resources to recreate how these accidents occurred. These attorneys can also represent those injured in court and make certain that compensation is adequate to cover their injuries. Attorneys can also represent family members of such victims when fatal crashes do occur.

We’ve written before on this site about the likelihood of injuries being severe or catastrophic when a motorcycle rider or passenger happen to be victims of an accident. These accidents will continue so long as drivers fail to realize that motorcyclists have the same rights as everyone else upon the road.

These sorts of accidents are sadly all too common. Car drivers do not pay sufficient attention to the presence of motorcycles and may often assume that a motorcycle is not present. One reason that stop lights and stop signs are present is because it forces vehicles to slow down or stop when approaching an intersection. However, these traffic control devices will not help to save lives if drivers choose to ignore them.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “51-Year-Old Motorcyclist Killed In Oxnard Crash,” April 19, 2014

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