Victim of motorcycle crash honored along with her rescuers

We are fortunate to have trained first responders that come to the rescue of individuals injured in accidents. For example, one 23-year-old woman was a passenger on a motorcycle that was struck by a car in Topanga Canyon. The woman was actually hit twice and then dragged upon the street.

Because of the accident the young woman lost both of her legs. It is said that she survived due to the assistance of emergency responders which would have included firefighters, two engines and a patrol car. She was airlifted by helicopter to a trauma center.

The accident occurred in February 2013 and the woman has since been fitted with prosthetic legs. She will be attending an event held by the Los Angeles County fire station in Agoura Hills where she and others will be recognized as individuals who nearly lost their lives but were assisted by various emergency personnel.

There are many individuals who refuse to give up under such trying circumstances. They will undergo a great deal of physical trauma and pain, undergo numerous surgical procedures, spend weeks or even months undergoing physical rehabilitation and likely have to deal for entire lifetime with their injuries.

All of this care is expensive, however. Most individuals injured in motorcycle accidents will not have the resources available to pay for all of the costs. These individuals are often injured so badly that they will have to take extended time away from work. Also, it’s not always clear what party should be held responsible for paying for the medical care.

As attorneys who practice out of Thousand Oaks, we understand the ordeal individuals injured in a motorcycle accident face. Although we cannot take back what has occurred, we can investigate these sorts of accidents and hold negligent parties accountable. We can also negotiate with insurance companies to make certain that all of a victim’s medical needs are met. We can guide clients through every step of the entire legal process.

Source: The Acorn, “Quick action by firefighters acknowledged,” May 1, 2014

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