Fatal Mojave Desert accident results in 5 deaths

An accident in Southern California resulted in five individuals being killed. Such an accident will obviously receive a great deal of attention. The accident occurred in Hesperia on May 11. The accident occurred in the Mojave Desert just before 7:00 a.m.

Apparently a van that was being driven drifted into the other lane and crashed into a Honda sedan. The van ended up crushing the car as it landed on top of the sedan.


An adult and boy inside of the Honda were originally transported to the hospital and later pronounced dead. A woman and girl were also inside of the Honda were apparently dead at the scene. A number of hours later, another deceased victim inside of the Honda had been discovered after the van was removed from the top of the sedan. The driver of the van received minor injuries.

The cause of the crash was still being investigated at the time this story was reported. The Honda sedan was apparently sitting at a stop sign when the accident occurred. There are obviously a number of unanswered questions concerning how such an accident could occur. Establishing the cause of the accident is often necessary in the event this car accident becomes the focus of a civil lawsuit.

Fatal car accidents are unfortunately common. Victims of such accidents and their family members will often find themselves facing a number of difficulties because of these accidents and they often will not have the financial resources to receive the help that they need.

Personal injury attorneys are needed to help these victims to be compensated for what has occurred. Attorneys can get the legal process going and can make an independent determination of how the accident occurred.

Source: Daily News, “5 dead when van crushes car in California’s Mojave Desert,” May 11, 2014

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