When your baby is injured during the birthing process

New parents begin to experience both hope and fear about their children’s lives before they are even born. Unfortunately, some of the events one is often most hopeful about in regards to a child’s experience become those that are marked by fear, pain and doubt. For example, many parents anxiously await the arrival of their children, sure that while the birthing process can be unquestionably painful it is ultimately a joyous event. However, when infants suffer injurious, debilitating and even fatal birth injuries, the birthing process can turn into a nightmare.

The range of birth-related injuries that infants may suffer varies significantly. Infants can suffer bruising and broken bones, brain injuries due to lack of oxygen and even fatal complications. In the wake of a tough birth and a child’s injury or death, it can be very difficult to summon the energy to speak to an attorney about your situation. Given that everyone grieves a little differently, this is a completely normal reaction. However, it is vitally important that you take the step of calling an attorney before the state’s statute of limitations bars you from filing a lawsuit.

No one can compensate you adequately for causing harm to your child. However, if the medical facility your child was born in or the medical personnel attending to the birth behaved in a negligent fashion, you may be entitled to monetary damages that will help to ease the financial burdens associated with birth injuries. While you may not care about the possibility of financial compensation for the harm done to your child now, as the medical bills mount you may feel differently. 

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