How do California hospitals rank in regards to patient safety?

The Golden State is one of the top ten largest economies in the world. It boasts incredible beaches, picturesque mountains, booming industry and a lively political atmosphere. There are any number of reasons why millions upon millions of people live in California and why an untold number of additional people wish that they did. However, not every aspect of life in California is rosy, even for the most educated, affluent and cultured residents of the state.

A recent nationwide patient safety survey has ranked California as the seventh best state in the union in regards to the number of hospitals it boasts with favorable proactive patient safety track records. This result is generally good news. It is always nice to hear when California ranks among the top states in the nation for any kind of positive comparison. However, it is important not to take this statistic either for granted or out of context.

Many hospitals in California do have favorable track records when it comes to preventing medical errors. However, others do not have favorable records. And even at the best hospitals in the state, instances of medical malpractice and other forms of medical negligence continue to occur. As a result, it remains vitally important that patients remain vigilant in researching their healthcare providers and facilities in order to better ensure that they remain as safe as possible when receiving medical care. Researching how any given hospital ranks with regards to the specific procedure you are in need of is a good way to begin.

Source: Capital Public Radio, “California Hospitals Rank Highly In Patient Safety, But Patients Should ‘Protect’ Themselves,” Pauline Bartolone, Oct. 30, 2014

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