Federal agencies aiming to reduce drowsy driving prevalence

Two federal agencies are working together to better ensure that American travelers remain safe while they navigate the nation’s roadways. One of the most pressing concerns affecting roadway safety today is drowsy driving. When overworked or generally overtired Americans get behind the wheel, they place themselves and everyone around them in a state of danger.

It is vitally important that motorists only drive when they are rested enough to operate their vehicle safely. Adequate rest and attention span are arguably even more important for commercial truck drivers, as their massive vehicles are capable of causing a staggering amount of damage. In a recent “quick tips” report authored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, these two federal agencies aim to prevent drowsy driving truck accidents by giving commercial truck drivers clear and concise guidance on the issue at hand.

The quick tips report emphasizes that the location in which a truck driver rests affects the quality of his or her sleep. In order to get quality rest, one must generally sleep in a cool, quiet place that is comfortable, dark and safe. In addition, the report illuminates the importance of resting for seven to nine consecutive hours. If sleep is split into smaller chunks or is disturbed by apnea, stomach trouble and other factors, it will not be as restful as the body needs for proper functioning.

Without quality rest of an adequate quantity, truck drivers risk damaging their health and causing accidents while on the job.

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