Do you need help after an Oxnard motor vehicle accident?

Motor vehicles accidents are not just something we hear on the news, happening in some faraway place. Rather, it is the people here — in our community — who are injured or killed every year in fatal motor vehicle accidents. 

The Vititoe Law Group opened an Oxnard law office in order to better serve those in the area. We represent those who are hurt in traffic accidents, along with those who lose loved ones in these crashes. In all of these cases, when someone else’s negligence is the reason behind the crash, we work hard to hold those other individuals accountable.

The California Office of Traffic Safety released numbers on fatalities and injuries in Oxnard in 2011. In just that year alone, 1,065 people lost their lives or were hurt in traffic accidents. Aside from those in actual motor vehicles, traffic accidents also included motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists. 

In taking a closer look at these statistics, of all the accidents, approximately 10 percent involved alcohol. A good number of accidents also involved speeding. 

But what exactly does this mean for a driver here in Oxnard? It means that accidents do happen in the area and that Vititoe Law Group is the law firm you can turn to after a crash. Whether the accident happened on Highway 101, or Highway 1, or really anywhere in the area, we will guide you through the personal injury lawsuit process.

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