The Importance of Evidence Collection in a California Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a California motorcycle accident, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer. You could receive a catastrophic injury that could cost an astronomical amount of money over your lifetime in lost wages and medical bills. Most insurance policies will only cover a fraction of the actual cost.

At your initial consultation with your motorcycle accident attorney there will be many questions, as the attorney tries to determine if your case could be successful against another driver or perhaps the governing agency responsible for maintaining the roadway. Determining fault is key to the outcome of your case.

Working closely with you to uncover every possible fact leading up to the crash, the attorney will try to piece together the puzzle that will reveal the entire picture with clarity. Hopefully this picture will show the fault lies wholly or partially with another party. The attorney will then present all of the collected evidence to the defendants insurance company.

To prove negligence in your case will take a gathering of facts that may be arduous but necessary. The sources of information that may prove the most valuable are:

  • Police Reports – A police report may contain an admission of guilt in a statement given by the defendant in the case. This may seem unlikely but it does occur with some frequency. At least, the report will contain the time, place, party’s involved, possible witnesses and road conditions. It may also contain notes of any apparent injuries.
  • Eyewitnesses – There is great value in the accounts of eyewitnesses which could be paramount to your case.
  • Forensic inspection and accident reconstruction – Tire tracks, skid marks, pavement damage, vehicle damage and blood stains will be closely examined.
  • Photos of damage to the motorcycle and other vehicles
  • Professional medical reports of the cause, extent and amount of your injuries and your prognosis by independent professionals will be obtained.

Helping Your Own Case

From the very beginning you can help your own case, providing you are physically capable. After calling 911, take as many pictures as you can. Take photos of the vehicles, the roadway, your injuries as well as the surrounding area. If you are hurt too badly, try to get a bystander to help you.

Make a note of every detail while it is still clear in your mind. The recorder on your phone is a great aid for this. Ask the names and contact information from anyone present at the scene that may be a valued witness. Do not dismiss anything as unimportant. Your motorcycle accident attorney lawyer will make that determination. There is no evidence like fresh evidence .

When the EMS arrives it is important to accept medical attention, even if you feel you are not seriously hurt. Many critical injuries are masked by adrenalin or shock. The paramedics report will also help to validate your injury claim further down the road. Insurance companies are known for trying to downplay what really occurred. Do not speak with any representative of any insurance company, even your own. Refer them to your lawyer. They may appear to be on your side, but their primary function is saving money for the insurance company.

Finding the Right California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The chance of severe injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident is high. A California motorcycle crash is likely to cause traumatic brain injury, neck or spine injury, internal injuries and broken bones. The long-term effects of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be financial, physical and emotional. Victims may require surgeries, cosmetic procedures, pain management and prosthesis. Medical bills, rehabilitation, special needs, along with lost income, can total in the millions of dollars over an average lifetime. A qualified motorcycle accident attorney will have the resources available to front the cost of the case through the entire court system to recover the true value of your case.

Vititoe Law Group has recovered substantial awards for victims of California motorcycle accidents. We will provide medical experts and life-care planners to calculate the amount of compensation your will need for the rest of your life. We will fight tenaciously to recover that compensation. Call Vititoe Law Group today, at 818-851-1886, for a free, no obligation evaluation of your case.

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