How Truck Accidents are Different From Car Accidents



If you have been the unfortunate victim of either a car or truck accident you know that it can be scary and overwhelming.  Different accidents have many different variables that come into play.  Specifically, truck and car accidents. There are some major differences between the two. If you were an unfortunate victim of one of these accidents, it’s good to know how the legal process works. It will play out differently for each. With the help of our knowledge and education you will be prepared to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents caused by truck drivers happen for many different reasons. Accidents typically happen because the driver is being negligent or careless while driving. Especially while handling such a large vehicle like a truck, CDL drivers need to be focused solely on driving and their surroundings. Here are some of the most common causes of truck accidents.

  • Texting while driving. It’s against federal law for drivers with a CDL to text and drive at the same time.
  • Inexperienced truck drivers. Truck drivers that do not know how to safely operate a truck can result in a serious accident.
  • Speeding. Truck drivers who speed often cause serious, high-speed highway accidents.
  • Not taking a mandatory rest break. As outlined in federal Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.
  • Falling asleep at the wheel. This is more common in cases involving long-haul truckers driving cross-country.
  • Looking up directions. Additionally, talking to a dispatcher while driving.
  • Eating while driving. Eating or engaging in other forms of distracted driving.
  • Poorly maintained trucks. Trucks are likely to crash due to a mechanical problem, including a tire blowout or defective brakes.

Truck accidents happen for many reasons. If you are involved in a truck accident make sure you know exactly why your accident happened and what options you have.  Talking to a highly rated truck accident lawyer, like the ones at Vititoe Law Group, is a great first step.

Understanding the Causes of a Truck Accident

Typically truck accidents tend to be caused by different circumstances from car accidents. Car accidents usually occur from human error. But, truck accidents often occur because of the sheer size of trucks. It is much more difficult to stop quickly or make proper turns. Because of this a lot of the process of truck accident claims are understanding the cause of the truck accident.

Equipment failure is another common issue with truck accidents. The truck company and the driver are responsible for maintaining different check-ups on the truck. If these check-ups are neglected, a malfunction can occur. Or, it could be a manufacturer defect; this would lead to a lawsuit with the manufacturer of the truck.

An experienced personal injury attorney will know how to properly investigate the cause of a truck accident. Additionally an experienced truck accident attorney can analyze trucking logs, safety records from the company, etc. Naturally,  the process of gathering information and evidence is much more labor intensive with a truck accident. Especially, in comparison to a car accident.

Intensity of Truck Accidents

It goes without saying that the intensity of a truck accident is much stronger than a car accident. Naturally because of the size of a truck compared to the car, the accident is likely to come with more intense physical damages both to your vehicle and yourself. Injuries from a truck accident tend to be more permanent and other vehicles involved are usually totaled. If you have been involved in a truck accident it is important to be seen by a doctor right away and get documentation of your injuries, and care plan.

Truck Accident Claims are More Complex

Truck accident claims are a lot more complex than car accident claims. Sometimes you are able to navigate a car accident claim on your own, especially if it only involves property damage and not a personal injury. But, if you have been involved in a truck accident you will most definitely want to hire a truck accident attorney. That is not to say car accidents do not come with their challenges, but truck accidents usually involve greater damages. Additionally, in trucking accidents, multiple parties are usually involved (the trucking company, the truck driver, and multiple insurance companies).

Figuring out economic damages (medical care, loss of earnings, etc.), non-economic damages (pain and suffering), and punitive damages (when a trucking company acts in bad faith) can be very challenging in trucking accidents. Again, this is why it’s so important to have a truck accident attorney in your corner to help you through this often-complicated legal process.

Finding the Right California Truck Accident Lawyer

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