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Study Shows Aerobic Exercise Speeds Concussion Recovery

In a trial referred to as “landmark,” young athletes recovered faster from sport related concussion with an early, progressive aerobic exercise program. The 103-patient randomized trial may even alter the future standard of care. In a report published in JAMA Pediatrics by John Leddy, MD, of the University of Buffalo, and co-authors, adolescents who participated in individualized, sub-symptom threshold aerobic exercise, shortly after concussion, recovered in an average of 13 days compared to 17 days by adolescents in a stretching program. “This research provides the strongest evidence yet that a prescribed individualized aerobic exercise program that keeps the heart rate below the point where symptoms worsen, [...]

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Dos and Don’ts Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you are seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, the insurance company involved in your personal injury case may scrutinize your every move. That is why it is important to know what to do to prevent the insurance company to use your actions to minimize your claim. As soon as you are able, seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney. To say insurance investigators use questionable tactics to reduce your claim is an understatement. They have been known to visit a victim in his or her hospital room to attempt to coax a statement or even offer a minimal settlement before the patient [...]

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Head Injuries Top the List on Electric Scooter Accident Study

While delayed in traffic in a popular business district, a young man passed me on the shoulder of the road, standing hands free on a single wheel vehicle. At first I was intrigued because it was my first time seeing one on these motorized unicycles in action. My second thought was that of concern for the safety of the helmetless rider. What if someone suddenly turns right into one of the many retail store driveways unaware of the electric unicycle? How does the rider stop or swerve to avoid a crash that would surely not fare well for him? This event led me to question the [...]

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Understanding California Truck Lane Restrictions

Navigating the busy highways of California in a passenger vehicle beside large tractor-trailers can be a jaw clenching, white-knuckle experience. The difference between the size of the vehicles, the variation in speeds of the larger trucks and their unpredictable lane changes can lead to serious accidents which are often fatal to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Because of these dangers, many states, including California have passed laws that limit the lanes that are available to trucks. California Multi-Axle Vehicle Regulations California has a disproportionate number of large trucks and other commercial vehicles on the road compared to other states. In the interest of safety, California [...]

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Safely Sharing the Road with Semi-Trucks

When a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle are involved in an accident, the outcome for the smaller vehicle is rarely good. In fact, 98% of fatalities occur to occupants of the passenger vehicle as opposed to occupants of the truck. Studies have shown that the driver of the passenger vehicle is at fault 75% of the time. Only 16% of semi-truck accidents can be attributed to the truck driver.  Why do these truck and car accidents happen and what can be done to prevent them? In California the number of trucks on the road compared to passenger vehicles is disproportionate in comparison to other states, due [...]

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Determining Brain Death: AAN Calls for New Guidelines

In a new position paper published in Neurology, the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) defines death by neurologic criteria – commonly known as brain death – as the individual’s death due to irreversible loss of function of the entire brain in accordance with the Uniform Determination of Death Act (UDDA) a model state law that was approved for the U.S. in 1981. In the position paper the AAN proposed uniform brain death laws, policies and practices. In a comment to MedPage Today, lead author James Russell, DO, MS, of Lahey Hospital said the statement has three goals. “First, it provides AAN, American Neurological Association, and Child [...]

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When is a Visit to the ER Necessary Following a Head Injury?

Fortunately for many athletes who suffered head injuries, recent awareness of mild traumatic brain injury and the possible long-term effects, has saved them from further injury. Medical professionals are on site for contact sports to determine if a player suffered a concussion and if the athlete should be removed from play. Gone are the days when the coach would make light of a player having his “bell rung.” For everyone else, the severity of a head injury can only be determined by a visit to the ER. But how does a person determine when a trip to the ER is necessary?  According to Dr. Charles Emerman, [...]

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Truck Driver Deaths Rise Again in 2017

Big rig drivers are in one of the deadliest occupations, as truck driver on-the-job deaths rise to set a new record in 2017. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 6.6 percent increase in truck driver deaths, with 840 heavy-duty trucking fatalities being recorded, compared to 786 the previous year. Since 2011 the industry has seen the fatality rate increase by a staggering 25 percent. The data provided by the labor bureau concurs with other data from a National Highway Safety Administration Report in October of 2018 that indicated a 9 percent year over year increase in trucker fatalities to the highest level in 29 years. [...]

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Research: Motorcyclists Lives Saved by Distracted Driving Laws

The rate of motorcycle fatalities has been significantly reduced in states where the use of cell phones and other held devices has been banned. States that have implemented strong to moderate laws banning held device usage have reduced motorcycle fatalities by as much as 11 percent over states that have no bans, according to a study by faculty at Florida Atlantic University and the University of Miami. Social Science and Medicine recently published the study’s findings regarding the positive effect of distracted driving laws on motorcyclist safety. “In the case of motorcycles, these laws seem to be effective,” said study co-author Gulcin Gumus, Ph.D., an associate [...]

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How Common are Charter Bus Safety Issues?

Everyday, in every major city in the country, charter buses, or tour buses, transport countless tourists, gamblers, sports teams and commuters, on round trips or one way, between cities, to venues or tourist sites. As recently as Monday Dec. 3, a third grader was killed and at least 45 were injured when a Tennessee charter bus carrying youth football players rolled off an interstate and overturned in the early morning just before sunrise in central Arkansas. Scott Shuttle, the charter bus company had a history of federal bus safety violations and was once fined $3,250 for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate one of its vehicles. [...]

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