More Pedestrian Accidents Impel California Pedestrian Safety Month


Most residents of California are aware that pedestrian accidents are an important issue regarding the states roads and highways. Statistic shows that there were 6,316 pedestrian fatalities in the period from 2005 though 2014. In the following years the numbers continued to increase. In response to the rise in fatalities and injuries, the California State Senate passed a resolution naming September as California Pedestrian Safety Month.

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and the California Office of Traffic Safety has joined other law enforcement agencies, city and state transportation agencies, pedestrian advocates and walking clubs, in a joint effort to ensure both drivers and pedestrians are aware of each other at all times and share the road responsibly.

There were 892 pedestrian deaths in the state in 2016, which accounted for more than 24 percent of all roadway deaths. That number increased from 17 percent only ten years earlier. California Pedestrian Safety Month was created to draw attention to the mounting problem of pedestrian accidents.

In Los Angeles County alone, Sheriffs deputies investigated 35 fatalities and another 69 serious pedestrian collision injuries. Los Angeles County deputies will be conducting pedestrian safety enforcement operations throughout the state this month.

Both drivers and pedestrians are warned to put away cell phones, since electronic devices contributed to an increasing number of pedestrian collisions. Failure for drivers to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and speeding are frequent causes of pedestrian crashes by drivers.

Pedestrian are cautioned not to jaywalk and to avoid walking at night in dark clothing. Both pedestrians and drivers can learn more safety tips at the California Office of Traffic Safety website.

New Statewide Safety Campaigns

The California Office of Traffic Safety has begun a new campaign titled “Pedestrians Don’t Have Armor,” that emphasizes critical awareness of pedestrian safety. This program is directed to both drivers and walkers. A new Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan was also released by Caltrans to improve the safety of all people in all modes of transportation, particularly bicyclists and pedestrians. In addition the CHP created a campaign called the California Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Project, which has won international awards. Expect to see these campaigns making an appearance this month across the state.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents are Often Life Changing

When a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian or a cyclist, the resulting injuries are usually serious if not fatal. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones, internal injuries and disfigurement often occur. These injuries may result in overwhelming medical bills, a lifetime of lost income, rehabilitation costs and more. Anyone who has been stuck by a motor vehicle needs to immediately get the medical help they need. Then contact an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney. The attorney will recover the compensation you deserve to cover your losses and pay for your pain and suffering.

Vititoe Law Group has recovered significant awards for many injury and wrongful death cases involving a pedestrian or bicyclist who was struck by a motor vehicle. If you or a loved one were injured or you lost someone due to the negligence of a driver, reach out to Vititoe Law Group today at 818-991-8900 for a free evaluation of your case. There is no cost to you until we win.

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