What Google is learning from testing its self-driving cars

Over the past several years, corporate giant Google has been testing a small fleet of vehicles that are self-operating. These vehicles have been designed in ways that Google hopes will eventually lead to a significantly diminished number of car accidents occurring on U.S. roads annually and reduced traffic congestion. Such goals are lofty. In order to account for the seemingly endless number of variables that motorists encounter every day, the Google fleet has been tested extensively. And apparently, the Google fleet has encountered some pretty bizarre findings during the testing process. For example, TopTechNews.com reports that the Google fleet once encountered an elderly woman chasing a [...]

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Common questions about common carriers

We share the roads every day with school and tour buses, taxis and trucks. While operators of these vehicles are expected to comply with the very same rules of the road as other motorists, they actually have a greater obligation to drive safely. This is because they fall under a specific category of vehicles called “common carriers.” Common carrier vehicles are those that transport people and products in exchange for money. Because of this designation and the added responsibility that comes with carrying passengers, operators of buses, trucks and taxis are held to a higher standard of safe driving. This could certainly affect how negligence is [...]

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Should the NHTSA’s authority be transferred to the NTSB?

We have previously written about many efforts undertaken by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on behalf of American travelers. This federal agency is directly tasked with preventing auto accidents when possible and improving auto safety generally. The NHTSA has initiated many valuable programs, including those aimed at curbing distracted driving practices, and many valuable investigations into defective auto parts. These efforts have almost certainly saved American lives. However, the NHTSA has also recently come under fire for failing to execute its authority properly during the recent General Motors defective ignition switch scandal. Dozens of injurious and fatal auto accidents have been linked to the scandal [...]

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Federal agencies aiming to reduce drowsy driving prevalence

Two federal agencies are working together to better ensure that American travelers remain safe while they navigate the nation’s roadways. One of the most pressing concerns affecting roadway safety today is drowsy driving. When overworked or generally overtired Americans get behind the wheel, they place themselves and everyone around them in a state of danger. It is vitally important that motorists only drive when they are rested enough to operate their vehicle safely. Adequate rest and attention span are arguably even more important for commercial truck drivers, as their massive vehicles are capable of causing a staggering amount of damage. In a recent “quick tips” report [...]

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Legal support can be crucial after a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are among the most catastrophic motor vehicle accidents on the road. In many cases, a motorcyclist suffers several different types of injuries, from abrasions and broken bones to brain damage and paralysis. In the most tragic collisions, the rider can be killed. Whether these injuries are permanent or temporary, victims and their families should remember that they may pursue a civil lawsuit. If a crash was caused by a negligent or reckless driver, there may be grounds to file a legal claim for compensation which can at least partially cover economic and non-economic damages. […]

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How loved ones can help to ensure that patients remain safe

When it comes to healthcare, doctors are the experts. But when it comes to patients, there are no better experts than patients themselves and their families. Therefore, it stands to reason that doctors and hospitals could improve care by seeking input and feedback from those they treat. As some hospitals attempt to reduce errors, prevent incidents of medical malpractice and generally improve care, patient/family engagement is one of the strategies being tested. And the engagement is not simply limited to seeking feedback about the colors of the hospital’s walls or the quality of food served in the cafeteria. […]

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How do California hospitals rank in regards to patient safety?

The Golden State is one of the top ten largest economies in the world. It boasts incredible beaches, picturesque mountains, booming industry and a lively political atmosphere. There are any number of reasons why millions upon millions of people live in California and why an untold number of additional people wish that they did. However, not every aspect of life in California is rosy, even for the most educated, affluent and cultured residents of the state. A recent nationwide patient safety survey has ranked California as the seventh best state in the union in regards to the number of hospitals it boasts with favorable proactive patient [...]

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