Do I Have a Case for California Premise Liability?

If you were injured on the property of another, you may be considering filing a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. In California, it is your right to recover damages from a negligent property owner, provided you could satisfy the requirements of California law. If you are invited onto the property (invitee), a property owner has a duty of care to you. However a court may consider if you contributed to your own injury by being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for instance. If you were intoxicated and fell, a court may rule that your condition was the main contributing factor to your injuries, [...]

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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children Linked to ADHD Years Later

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) send over one million children, adolescents and young adults to the ER each year in the United States. A recent study suggested that TBI might be linked to an increased risk of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that does not appear for several years. In the research reported in JAMA Pediatrics by Megan Narad, PhD of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and colleagues, very young children who experienced severe TBI were 3.6 times more likely to develop secondary ADHD as long as 6.8 years following the injury. “Children with a history of traumatic brain injuries – even those with less severe injuries – [...]

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When You Need a California Bus Accident Attorney

The past two decades have shown a 35 percent increase in bus ridership nationwide. The reasons for the increase include the improvements made to bus and other transit systems, especially in metropolitan areas; the affordability and ease compared to driving; and the increase in environmental awareness by reducing carbon emissions. With the increase in people riding buses, on California roads and highways, as well as students riding on school buses, the number of bus accidents and injuries has increased proportionately. In California, commercial bus companies are considered common carriers, or buses carrying for “reward” and can be divided into three categories-commuter buses, long distance transportation buses [...]

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Preventing California Workplace Injuries

April 28, 2018 marks the 47th annual Workers Memorial Day, an international day of remembrance for workers who were injured or lost their lives on the job. It is also the day OSHA was established in 1971. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are responsible for maintaining safe and healthful workplaces. It is the role of OSHA to ensure safe conditions by providing training, education and assistance as well as enforcing standards. In California, agricultural and construction far outpace all other industries in the rate of injuries and fatalities. In a report released on Workers Memorial Day by Worksafe last year, there [...]

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California Tanker Truck Crashes – Hazards on Our Highways

Over the past two years, serious California tanker trucks have claimed several lives and injured dozens in California. One such crash occurred in May of last year, on a Highway 99 off ramp in Atwater, causing an enormous gasoline explosion and forcing hundreds to evacuate. Sadly, the driver of the tanker truck perished in the crash. With an improved economy, the number of tanker trucks on the road, delivering materials as hazardous as hydrochloric acid or as mundane as molasses, has increased significantly, putting the safety of other drivers at greater risk of harm. Despite the relatively high number of California tanker truck crashes over the [...]

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Why You Need an Attorney for an Auto Accident Spinal Cord Injury

Your daily routine is going as expected. Your kids just boarded the school bus and you are on the short drive home to begin your own day. Your morning is abruptly interrupted when you get the call that every spouse dreads. Your husband was injured in a car accident on his way to work. You are told that you must get to the hospital as soon as possible. At the hospital a doctor meets you and informs you that your husband has suffered a spinal cord injury and has lost all feeling from the waist down. More tests are needed to determine the severity of the [...]

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The Insurance Pitfalls of California Car Rental

The law requires drivers to carry liability insurance, but the rental car companies are not required to tell you. In 2015, Auto Rental News Reported that there were over 2 million rental cars in service across the nation, with California ranking among the top states for annual car rentals. With all of these rental vehicles on the road the chances of accidents occurring are high. Unlike privately owned motor vehicles, a great number of rental cars in California are being driven by uninsured drivers, even though state laws forbid it. Many rental car drivers in California are visitors and tourists from out of state and unfamiliar [...]

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